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Ashley Keller – Canadian Bonsai and Orchid Potter

Ashley Keller is a Canadian clay artist specializing in artisan pottery inspired by nature for bonsai trees, orchids, kusamono and succulents. She enjoys exploring a variety of traditional, contemporary and sculptural forms while combining her passion for plants with her work in ceramics.

Ashley was raised in London, Ontario, Canada where she discovered her love for clay in the BealArt Fine Art program. After additional education in ceramics, Ashley later joined the London Clay Arts Centre as a studio member of the London Potters Guild in 2017 and currently works in their historic building which was renovated in multiple stages from 2008-2013 to create a fully functional, two storey pottery studio. Ashley is also an associate member of the Society of Canadian Artists.

Her love for plants started as a young girl working in her Nana's vegetable garden and gradually moved towards a specialty in caring for bonsai trees, orchids and tropical houseplants. 

Ashley has found her creative calling by pursuing her career as a full-time, ceramic artist who specializes in work inspired by nature. The craft of pairing unique handmade containers with a small part of nature, and seeing how separate elements can be transformed into evocative works of art, is something she can't wait to share with you.

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A video walkthrough of my current 2017 sketchbook showing inspiration and concepts for my bonsai, kusamono and orchid pottery work. Press play above to watch.

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