Show Recap: OrchidFête 2017


This past weekend I attended OrchidFête 2017 at CÉGEP du Vieux Montréal. The show was very well organized with a wide variety of vendors and beautiful exhibition area. Approximately 750 people attended over two days and I made several new connections, including a representative from The Montreal Botanical Garden as well as several bonsai pottery enthusiasts and members of Les Orchidophiles de Montréal.

Below are a few photos I took in the exhibition area after judging was completed (click to enlarge and for captions). I was pleasantly surprised to see an entire display dedicated to Neofinetia Falcata orchids. This incredible collection of Neos, displayed in a variety of Japanese pottery, was designed by Flora Peculia who are located in Toronto, Ontario.

This event was my first opportunity to meet customers in person and I really enjoyed the experience. I was able to test out several concepts for my display and receive feedback on a variety of pieces that were created specifically for this event. Below are a few photos of my display.

During my stay in Montreal, I enjoyed the hospitality of a fantastic bed and breakfast called Gingerbread Manor near Rue Prince Arthur. The historic design elements found in the wood carvings of the doors, windows and stairs as well as the iron railings and interesting architectural features around the neighbourhood were very inspiring. I wouldn't be surprised if a few of these beautiful things find their way into some of my upcoming work!

Overall, I am very glad to been part of this event and look forward to the next opportunity to attend a show with my work. Thank you again to The Eastern Ontario Orchid Society for the invitation.

If you are interested in viewing any remaining pieces available for sale, please explore my orchid pottery collection here. I also brought along several of my unique, artisan succulent planters and flower vases which are also available in the shop. Shipping is available world wide.

Now it is time to begin several new series of work as I get ready for the holiday season! 


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