Rocky Mountain Cliff 3.25" Round Mame Bonsai Pot

Rocky Mountain Cliff 3.25" Round Mame Bonsai Pot


This unglazed, stoneware bonsai pot is approximately 3.25" diameter x 1.5" overall height x 1.125" interior depth. 

This hand carved bonsai pot evokes the appearance of the rock formations found in the Haliburton Highlands near Algonquin Park in Canada. This pot was made from a unique, warm grey stoneware clay. 

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  • Durable stoneware clay fired to 2250 degrees Fahrenheit for frost-resistance
  • Central drainage hole 
  • Two wire tie holes
  • Footed bottom for air circulation below the bonsai tree
  • One of a kind artwork made from pure craftsmanship without the use of forms or molds
  • Hand signed and numbered on the bottom by Canadian artist, Ashley Keller
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